If we are not sold on it....we will not sell it to you!

VSI Supply is a septic and sewer specialty supplier. It is our goal to carry everything for the contractor’s needs when it comes to wastewater. Weather it be conventional or alternative; residential or commercial/ onsite, sewer, discharging or decentralized… VSI Supply has got your wastewater needs covered. From PVC pipe and fittings, pumps, control panels, effluent filters, D-Boxes, drip tubing, Alternative Treatment Systems, grinder pump lift stations, STEP systems and more. We can supply the contractor for his next sewer or septic job.


VSI Supply also offers free estimation services and project consultation. We can help designers, installers, builders and developers with their next drainfield project. We bring extensive experience to any wastewater project along with a competitively priced supply chain. Have your next sewer or septic job supplied by a vendor that know how to bring all the pieces together…. At The Best Value.


To better service our existing client base and to expand it further, VSI Supply has launched a website that specializes in septic supplies….www.septic-direct.com. Septic-Direct.com offers “Sale Pricing” on all items that can be shipped via “Ground”. Septic-Direct.com also has a version available for your mobile device. Ordering septic products could not be easier.


Here at VSI Supply/Septic-Direct.com we are a service driven company. We are not only in the wastewater supply chain business, but we are also in the “Yes Sir, No Sir, Right Away Sir” business. We are here to serve our customers with the most comprehensive product line along with competent and courteous assistance.


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